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A fun way to explore Devon

What is a Cluetrek?

Cluetreks are a fun and exciting way to explore a town or city.  Cluetreks are unique, self guided walking routes that combine some of the best sights and location highlights in a treasure hunt style quest.

You bring the curiosity, we bring the adventure.

The booklet you buy in stockists/our website or download from this site provides you with all you need, just follow the clues, enjoy the sights and have fun!

Torquay Cluetrek Booklet Front Cover

Who are Cluetreks for?

Cluetreks are a fab fun day out for everyone. The perfect way to spend time with your family in the great outdoors.  Or maybe you need a new exciting idea for a date. Or you just want to explore a new area with a group of friends. Cluetreks provide a great fun way to explore for all ages to make sightseeing more adventurous.


How it works

Once you have our booklet (which you can buy in stores or from our website) grab a pen and hey ho you are ready to go!

The time of each Cluetrek varies but all booklets have a guide time on the cover so you can plan your day.

Why don’t you make a day of it, pack a picnic, add on an excursion or grab a few drinks after. Whatever tickles your fancy the world is your oyster!

Cluetrek booklet